Valentino Garavani boots, size 40 1/2 (equivalent to American size 10 1/2)
These never-worn gorgeous shiny gold lame and black leather boots are by Valentino Garavani and were made in Italy.
They have modified rounded toes and a back 13" long zipper.
Each horizontal strip of leather is not attached to the strip above or below it.
What holds them in place is the various vertical lame strips.
There is a solid inner gold lame shoe within the leather strips, which makes up the base of the boot.
The modified boulevard heels have a shiny gold-tone metal strip which runs vertically down the center of the heel.
A model's wealthy husband bought them as a present.
He bought the same boot in 3 different sizes because he didn't know which one would fit her.
She was supposed to return the other two pairs, but she went to Europe and took the pair that fit her along and forgot all about returning the others.
The original price tag of $3075.00 is still attached to the bottom of the boot.
They look better in person.
11" inside toe to heel
3 3/8" outside across the ball
4" heel
bottom of heel to top of boot 18"
top circumference 14 1/2"
11 1/8" around narrowest part of leg
Item # 0516738
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