Astrakin Bicha Furs curly lamb jacket with mink collar, size 6
This vintage black curly lamb jacket is an Astrakin and was made in France and styled by Lepshire.
It was sold at Bicha Furs in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
There are two lower pockets with 2 3/8" accent panels.
It has three interesting black buttons down the front and a very nice soft dark mink collar which has 2 hooks and loops on the ends.
The 2 loops are hidden behind the fur on the left side and the right side has the two hooks.
The bottom side have 3 1/2" long slits.
The curly lamb wraps inward 4 3/4" on the sleeves where it meets the black lining.
You can roll up the raglan sleeves and have a 4" wide cuff.
The mink collar is 3 1/4" wide in the back and 5" wide in the front and is 3 1/2" long.
base of collar to end of sleeve (rolled up) 20 1/2"
base of collar to end of sleeve (rolled down) 25 1/2"
shoulder to hem 24"
bottom hem side to side 23 1/2"
armpit to armpit 21 1/2"
Item # 1248172
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