Galdener Zurich fur stole
This vintage fur stole is in various shades of light and medium brown with golden brown highlights.
The fur is very soft.
It has a brown soft lining with a design pattern of a ballerina outlined in white.
It was originally sold at Guldener in Zurich, Switzerland.
There are two interior 7 1/2" long by 4" deep hand (upside down) pockets which start 3 1/2" from the ends and open upward from the bottom of the lining.
We're not sure what type of fur it is, but it's not mink, raccoon, squirrel, beaver, ermine, skunk, or fox.
It's from a stylist's inventory, and was worn in several foreign films.
center top of fur to bottom of fur 16"
center lining top to bottom 15 1/8"
side to side center 68"
side ends 9 3/4" wide
Item # 1253341
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