gold lame gloves, size M
These gold lame gloves were manufactured in the USA.
The tag says fabric surface, all metal, back of fabric all acetate.
They have a 1 3/8" long piece of elastic which is 7 1/2" up from the end of each inner side of the glove.
The thumb of the right glove has lame missing (orange color) from the inside, and there's a small orange area on the inner side of the middle finger.
The left outer top of the thumb also has some lame missing.
The gloves have a yellowish cast to the lame, and are not the golden-honey color as the pictures appear.
The tag says size Medium.
They're from a New York actress/model.
She wore them to two movie premieres.
She got them from her aunt, a former actress.
Her aunt told her the lame wore off because of all the autographs she signed while wearing them.
tip of index finger to bottom of glove 15 3/4"
3 1/4" across knuckles (glove lying flat)
7" around knuckle area
side to side at bottom of glove 4 5/8"
Item # 1304468
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