Donna Karan New York jacket, size L/XL
This (creamy) white jacket is by Donna Karan New York.
It is 58% cotton and 42% nylon, with a lining of 100% nylon and a polyurethane coating.
It was made in Italy.
It has a hood that, when not in use, can be rolled and kept in place by a fabric band with velcro at its ends.
The hood front sides each have two velcro strips as closures.
There is a double white cord which runs along the face of the hood with two plastic white ornaments ner the ends.
It has a full front zipper with two silver-tone pulls with DK Co on them.
The zipper extends up 5 1/2" from the base of the neck.
You can zip it down from the top or up from the bottom if you want.
The zipper is hidden by a 3 3/4" front flap which has a top and bottom velcro closing.
There are two large lower front pockets which open from the outer sides and have velcro closures.
There are loose threads by the side seam of the right pocket - the stylist said it was that way when she bought it.
The left front side also has a large pocket that is 5" down from the neckline which also opens from the front outer side.
It too has a center velcro closing.
The long sleeves have a tab with velcro to adjust the wrist opening.
The original $728 Donna Karan price tag is still attached (it was taped inside for the shoot).
It's a classic windbreaker with lots of detailing.
It's from a stylist.
It was used in a magazine photo shoot with a male model standing on a big sailboat.
shoulder to shoulder 23"
shoulder to end of sleeve 24 1/4"
shoulder to hem 27"
armpit to armpit 28"
top front of hood to base of neck 14"
Item # 5823163
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